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growing together

At CLUMC, we believe that you cannot grow spiritually without connecting relationally. The primary way we do that is through what we call Community Groups, which we are groups of 8-12 adults that meet 3-4 times per month.


Community Groups are the primary way we desire to grow in our faith and relationships with God and others. They are a place for intentional relationships and spiritual growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's a Community Group?
What's the time commitment of a Community Group?
Is a Community Group the same thing as a traditional Sunday School class I've been part of in the past or Pastor's Bible Study?
I want to join a Bible Study. Is there nothing for me to join right now at CLUMC?
I attend the 11:00 am service. Is there a Sunday School class for adults?
What if I am not ready to join a Community Group and just looking for fellowship?
How do I join a Community Group? Can I join one that is already meeting?

Church Center

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The Church Center app is the easiest way to get connected at CLUMC. It is free to download and is also accessible here via your web browser. Once downloaded, be sure to select Cypress Lake United Methodist Church to get connected and learn more about what's going on in the life of our church!